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In the world of marketing, you rarely find a team that excels at all disciplines. I can say with zero hesitation that Chirp has mastered the entire marketing mix. They know the who, the how, and when while ensuring budgets are optimized. To find great talent without the arrogance is truly a find, and that is Chirp!

— Amy Moini, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Quadgen



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Chirp is one of the brightest, strategic global marketing communications team of professionals that I’ve ever encountered, and I was fortunate to have them as part of my cross-functional organization. They are extremely well connected, and their relationships are unparalleled to enhancing reputational momentum.

— CMO, Technology Company



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One of Chirp’s greatest attributes is business intuition – they have a natural ability to identify key players and connect the dots to best serve clients and their stakeholders – and their innate intelligence. Chirp is perhaps best known for their ability to build genuine relationships. Their ability to explain complex tech products and services to everyone from the CEO to his next-door neighbor make them an especially effective team of communicators.

— COO, Technology Company

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